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Financial Literacy Cougar Money Matters

For many students, finding a job is important so that they have an income to live off of. At WSU, there are both work-study and non work-study positions available to students.  Employment is a great alternative to taking out loans, or even a great opportunity to use your income and begin paying off some of your student loans.


Work-study is a need-based award offered through FAFSA. Funds are limited and work-study is offered to qualifying students to assist them in obtaining employment. The work-study program aids in a percentage of the students wages, making work-study students more appealing to hire. If a student is awarded work-study, the student will need to seek a work-study eligible position as soon as they can, and then work with their employer to take the next steps in order to secure their work-study. To be considered for work-study, the student must meet the following criteria;

  • Have a valid FAFSA filed on or before the priority date
  • On the FAFSA, indicate that they are interested in work-study
  • The student must be maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress\
  • There must be at least $4,000 of unmet need-based eligibility
Student Employment Options

There are many places that students can apply to, both on campus and off. Below are just a few of the numerous resources available to students seeking employment.

HandshakeThe Academic Success and Career Center at WSU has updated its employment management platform to a website known as Handshake. Handshake is very user-friendly and allows you to easily filter between full time, part time, on campus, and off campus positions among many other customizations! You can even add in your major and GPA to filter in even more positions. In order to sign up for Handshake, students can visit and login with their WSU Network ID and password.

Departmental Search: Although most positions are available on Handshake, there are some on-campus departments that usually employ a large number of students annually, these may include; housing, university recreation, positions at the Compton Union Building, Chinook, and the WSU Creamery.

Access Center: The access center offers a stipend to qualifying students for notetaking services. For more information, visit the Notetaking Services page of the access center!